Depends on Experience

Houston, TX

Education Requirements: High School Diploma

Job Description:

We are actively seeking a Maintenance Supervisor - This position also helps to lead the Maintenance Team in overall maintenance operations over 3 shifts.

Because of the corrosive nature of the product line, the ideal candidate will have experience working with outside contractors to facilitate these projects in the form of Project Management, Negotiation and Facilitation of project to completion.

Reporting to the Maintenance Manager and working in conjunction with the operations team the candidate will:

●  Oversee all  Maintenance needs, including repair, refab, re-fit and changeovers and retooling
●  Supervises equipment maintenance schedule, regular inspection schedule (PM’s), maintaining a lubrication program and oversee team's daily functional maintenance & standard repairs.
●  Expected to troubleshoot and correct failures, breakdowns; e.g. why parts may be wearing abnormally determine root causes and ensure they are resolved to prevent recurrence.
●  Maintain high levels of housekeeping standards
●  Maintain high level; of safety protocols for maintenance team within the facility.
●  Read blueprints and schematics to understand best course of action for repair or install.
●  Train and develop maintenance employees.
●  Coordinate in house projects such as retooling and re-calibrating machines

Job Requirements:

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