$18 to $20 Hourly

Wichita, KS


Education Requirements: High School Diploma

Job Description:

Primary Responsibilities:

Equipment Used:  Bridge crane, hoists and lifting/rigging equipment, portable drill, portable hand grinder, various hand tools, jack hammer, ladders, drill press, disc sander, fork lift truck, gasoline vehicle, welder, torches, boom and scissor lifts, multi meters, clamp on meters, oscilloscopes, Ph meters, tachometers, temperature guns, basic measuring devices to include but not limited to rulers, tape measures, calipers and various standard hand tools used for electrical and mechanical maintenance.

Materials Used:  Acetylene, oxygen, argon, amine gas, compressed air, natural gas, propane gas, sulfuric acid, adhesives, degreasers, solvents, gasoline, diesel fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, paint, paint primer, sealants, machine coolant, automatic transmission fluid, various types and grades of hydraulic fluid.

Job Requirements:

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