From our April 2017 Newsletter:

The Turn Around

How long have we all been waiting for something?  But, many of us in business don’t know what we are waiting for.  Is it a huge jump in the Dow Jones Industrial Average?  Perhaps the end of a world crisis?  Or just a change in scenery?

One thing is for certain - as soon as the answer comes, there will be another to anticipate.  To say the least, it keeps life interesting - and stressful.  Of course, some people handle this kind of stress better than others.  Any day can bring new frustration and uncertainty into our lives, personally or professionally.  Things get especially bad in times like these when we are unable to sort out what in our career is creating stress and what in our personal life is contributing to our frustration.

The key to “successful living” is to compartmentalize our lives.  It is a mistake to take personal problems to work, and professional frustrations home with us.  One can hear this advice on every “self help” radio or television program, but the funny thing is … it is good advice.  Those who care about us deserve to hear and see us as positive least once a week.

Economic Cycles

Do they still teach Economics in college?  Of course they do, but one cannot help wondering if crystal balls and Ouija boards should be a part of classroom material.

Theories that have been consistent through the years seem not to have a place in today’s new economic conclusions.  No help from pundits or polls!

It must be a challenge to publish textbooks that are relevant to rapidly changing data that impacts business decisions.  Where to build a factory, develop a rocket, book a trip to Anchorage - or hire a dozen people?
The staff at The Specialists Group would not consider teaching a course in economics, nor have we ever relied on crystal balls or Ouija boards.

However, The Specialists Group has been through about a dozen employment cycles in our nearly 60 years in business.

Now is the time to think about hiring a few good people to fill in those staffing holes.  When you are ready to start the hiring process — call The Specialists Group and we promise to simplify the screening and selection for your organization.

This newsletter includes a number of exceptional candidates for regular employment as well as some available for temporary assignments or contract work, and those who would eagerly consider "Temp-to-Hire."  We welcome the opportunity to make referrals of individuals who have been prescreened by our staff, simplifying your selection process.

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Newsletters and Candidate Bios for April 2017:

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