From our November 2017 Newsletter:

Revolving Door

These days we need a sense of humor to deal with the pitter-patter of people walking through businesses on their way to greener pastures. Reading a resume with a stable employment record is almost a thing of the past. This doesn’t mean that we may not be able to find the needle in the haystack if one of those “job jumpers” turns out to be a solid prospect for employment once they have found their niche.

One thing is for certain - a resume reflecting a stable employment background is of little concern to candidates in their search for immediate reward. The future can wait!

Where does this put you and me? In a tough place. When we opened our San Francisco office on September 1st 1983, there was a great deal of enthusiasm for hiring people from the Midwest - because of what was perceived to be their work ethic. Well, now people who live in the smallest towns have caught up and employment attitudes are no longer that much different. If things aren’t perfect, or if there’s a dollar more to be made in the next block or the next town, forget loyalty, just watch the door revolve.

The blessings of full employment may present challenges to our sanity, but looking at the economic picture as a whole, the blessings seem to be a benefit to humankind - so those in human resources may just have to deal with temporary insanity for a long time.

We mentioned this subject in our newsletter to assure each of our clients that their doors are not the only ones revolving.

The Blues

Some people get the blues when it rains and some people are blue even on sunshiny days. If they won’t help themselves that’s their problem. But, it is a manager’s problem when a depressed person ends up depressing the entire staff. Certain individuals create such negativity in the workplace that the atmosphere is not conducive to productivity. One thing for sure, management makes a mistake to ignore the damage that negativity brings into an organization. Too often people bring their personal problems to work with them. You couldn’t get them to smile even on their birthday. Unfortunately, those people drag down others who may have a more positive outlook on life. This is especially bad when companies rely on good public relations and customer service, to say nothing of employee morale.

This newsletter includes a number of exceptional candidates for regular employment as well as some available for temporary assignments or contract work, and those who would eagerly consider "Temp-to-Hire."  We welcome the opportunity to make referrals of individuals who have been prescreened by our staff, simplifying your selection process.

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Newsletters and Candidate Bios for November 2017:

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