$80,000 - $100,000


Education Requirements: Bachelors Degree

Job Description:

The Quality, Growth, and Innovation (QGI) team seeks to empower staff to fulfill the Great Commission.  This goal is achieved by evaluating program quality to help firm be accountable to continuous improvement as we grow.  QGI uses qualitative and quantitative means to identify obstacles to growth and quality and to verify and share best practices to increase quality and the reach of firm program.  QGI communicates with leaders through the organization, making insights accessible to decision-makers.  The department head develops team members in their skill and leadership by providing adequate support and direction in their roles and areas of expertise.  S/he serves as a partner to any team within this non-profit firm, helping others to pursue excellence within our organization.

Job Requirements:

Provide insights to Executives and Outreach leaders that will positively impact non-profit multiplication; requires strong communication and data visualization skills.

Share qualitative feedback and recommended action from major audiences annually: Staff, management, event attendees, graduating students; drive organizational change through these findings.

Coordinate regional partnerships among Outreach leaders, giving them access to QGI data and tools; embed QGI team members in regions as much as is feasible.

Ensure maintenance and regular improvements (primarily through teammates) to the student database application.
Work with team to provide increasingly sophisticated, data-based growth models to aid firm in future planning and goal-setting, especially forecasting campus involvement and conference attendance.

Find and hire mission-driven analysts and develop team members’ technical and communication / leadership skills.

Foster a culture of lean innovation in firm; help innovators within and outside QGI team to clarify goals and measure outcomes to increase accountability of new efforts.

Portfolio management: Assess and prioritize external and internal project requests to keep team’s work on strategy.


Key Competencies

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